H&H provides a broad range of products and engineering solutions to the industry. We started as press tool manufacturers but soon realised if you make press tools, then you need to have a press to test them. As soon as somebody found out we had a press, they wanted us to make press components. Consequently, we started press tool manufacturing and running metal pressings.

After that, we were then asked, “Hey, you’re making this pressing and this pressing, would you like to weld them together?” So as a result, we now also manufacture welded assemblies. If we’re doing that, we might as well do a bit more welding and do a bit of fabrication.

We’re a press tool designer and manufacturer, we’re a metal pressings company, we’re a welder and fabricator.

Also, if you’re a modern press tool manufacturer, then you need CNC equipment, wire eroders, etc. So, we became a subcontract machinist. And that enabled us to offer the full engineering solutions package.

Project Management

As we developed our manufacturing capabilities, it soon became apparent that large organisations enjoyed the benefit of being able to pass on a complete project to one company.

We can supply complete kits of parts, fabricated or machined assemblies, metal pressings, and the tooling to produce all of the above, supplying your company with a complete kit.

Our project management team will accurately match your requirements to the appropriate capacity. This means an assurance of quality, as well as a timely and economical response to your needs.

Press Tool Manufacturer

As already mentioned, H&H started as a press tool designers and manufacturers. We continue to design and build high-quality press tools for a wide range of industries.

From press tool service and maintenance and contract tool-making, to in-die tapping, single operation tooling, and tool try-out facilities. H&H can deliver it all to unprecedented standards.

Metal Pressings

Designing and manufacturing press tools required testing, the results of this testing were a couple of presses for ‘tryouts’. When our customers found out, they started to request running components for them.

H&H now has a modern, well-equipped Press Shop producing a wide range of parts in all metals. Whether it’s low volume production or high volume manufacturing (power press production up to 160 tons), we deliver quality metal pressings.

Welding & Fabrication

As we began providing pressings to customers, requests for welding assemblies started coming in. Therefore, we set up in-house welding.

H&H now carries out both TIG and MIG welding on all metals to a high standard. We can bring a level of engineering to the welding and fabrication section that may not be found at most fabricators.


H&H is well equipped with a full range of equipment including CNC machining, EDM Wire Erosion, and Turning.

Our spare capacity has been utilised as a subcontracted facility. As a result, we can carry out a comprehensive in-house service on Machined or Turned components, Machined Fabrications and Assemblies, Sub Contract EDM Wire Erosion, and General engineering.

Total Quality Engineering Solutions

Total quality remains at the heart of our operations at H&H Products. Each job is designed to a quality plan, created by our expert engineers.

Full traceability and release documentation is available, all in line with our ISO 9001 : 2015 accreditation. Additionally, we are well versed in the completion of APQP, PPAP, and PSW documentation.

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