The Early Days Of H&H Products

Fourteen years ago last week Tracy and I completed the purchase of H&H Products Ltd. On the very same day our son William was born.

Being a parent and running a business requires a broad based skillset and help from many directions. In the early days both running a business and raising our boy needed constant care, but it was the business that demanded the maximum input. William would join us in his carrycot sleeping in the corner of the office while Tracy and I spread paperwork all over the floor sorting out records and putting in new systems. There were numerous times when we would work late into the night stopping at the deserted motorway services on the way home for a bite to eat before we fed the boy hit the sheets and did it all again the next day.

Fourteen Years On

This weekend we went out for a family meal to celebrate Will’s birthday. When we got home we reflected on the last fourteen years. Tracy remarked that we have a better team at H&H now than we have ever had. She also noted that William is now the one who needs the maximum input. (Any advice for the parents of a fourteen year old lad, most welcome).

She was right we have a great team of leaders in the business, spreading the load and taking responsibility, they in turn are helped and supported by their teams.

Together we have enjoyed some good times and survived some bad, the support of the people we work with, our customers and our suppliers all make running a business worthwhile. The last couple of years have been particularly challenging and without Teamwork and Partnership we would not have got here.

Big thank you to everyone.

This is our ‘A’ team, Mark Mitchell, Lee Bourne, Duane Derry, Kevan Crook.

#Teamwork #Partnership