Welding & Fabrication

Consistently Maintained High Quality MIG & TIG Welding Capabilities

More and more of the H&H pressings customers were asking for welded assemblies and assembly work, so we set up in-house welding.

As time progressed, the Projects Team were struggling to find reliable subcontractors to satisfy the ongoing need for welded fabrications.

The answer was simple; we set up a facility that could not only look after the welded assemblies for the Press Shop, but satisfy the requirement for a fabricator that delivered on time and consistently maintained high quality MIG & TIG Welding capabilities.

Comprehensive Range of Fabrications and Sheet Metal Work

H&H now carry out both TIG and MIG welding on all metals to a high standard. We can bring a level of engineering to the welding and fabrication section that may not be found at most fabricators. We can draw on the CAD design and engineering ability in the Tool Room and Project Team.

This means you get a well-engineered product, manufactured in a cost effective and timely way.

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